How to train like a Ninja Warrior

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Image: How to train like a Ninja Warrior

You have most likely heard of the show “American Ninja Warrior” – with wacky obstacles and athletes competing for the title. This heart pumping obstacle course includes climbing, hanging, sometimes falling into water after losing a grip. So, you want to be one? Having the ability to go through a Ninja Warrior course takes agility, strength, focus + more! Here are some tips to get you started…

  1. Don’t put the cart before the horse – or – in our terms – build a solid foundation before you start:

Like any sport, a solid foundation is key to accomplishing success. In regard to Ninja Fitness training, the foundation can include:

  • Learning to balance
  • Building strength
  • Increasing stamina

Train these 3 core platforms before you even explore an obstacle course. These are taught through daily practice and can be a phenomenal stepping stone to accomplishing the actual course.

2. Gear Up

Hanging onto a monkey bar or swinging from ropes, it is important to wear the right attire. Ask your coach what the approved clothing is, generally it includes:

  • Closed toe athletic shoes
  • Grip socks
  • Comfortable gym clothes

3. Ready! Set! Go!

You have now met your foundation goals, dressed in appropriate attire and ready to start the obstacle course. Be prepared to experience a sport like no other:

  • Obstacles can include a “salmon ladder,” “warped wall,” “ring toss,” “floating boards” and more!
  • Bring water and be courageous – try new things but always make sure safety is first.

Are you interested in Ninja Fitness? Legacy Training Center now offers this exciting class! It is a fun new way to develop agility, strength, and endurance. Legacy Training Center is the only Ninja obstacle training center on the Central Coast of California!

Our obstacles are mounted to an aluminum truss system, as seen on the popular TV show. Obstacles will include “salmon ladder,” “warped wall,” “ring toss,” “floating boards” and more! We offer training classes and drop in sessions ranging from beginners to advanced, ages 6 and up.

We encourage the whole family to participate in the newest, most cutting edge training opportunity on the Central Coast!




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