5 things I learned from the 2016 Gymnastics Olympic Team

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Image: 5 things I learned from the 2016 Gymnastics Olympic Team

The U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team dominated and swept almost every event at the 2016 Olympics! There is much to learn from this Team, here are our top five…


“Gold medals are made out of sweat, blood and tears and effort in the gym every day.” – Gabby Douglas

In 2009, Douglas suffered a fracture in the growth plate of her wrist. Determined to continue her passion Gabby became Female Athlete of the Year in 2012 and now onto the Olympics. Everyone has challenges and obstacles through out their life. It is part of the process that we must go through. Getting back up and moving forward, now that is the hardest part, but well worth it.


“To go out there and prove what I can do has taught me a lot about who I am.” - Simone Biles

In addition to being an Olympian, Biles has weekly chores to keep her grounded. They include, feeding her four German shepherds, taking her turn doing the supper dishes and cleaning her room each week.


“…especially in the car ride to and from gym. I find myself spacing out a lot, just visualizing what the Olympics would be like and just having such great role models.” – Ally Raisman

Typically an athlete is the role model, in Ally’s case – a role model is vital. A role model is a person who serves as an example by influencing others. Positive role models in a child’s life may include a family member, teachers and coaches whom can all hold a lasting and important influence. A good role model should be someone hard working, creative, inspiring, motivating and moral.


 “Go big, or go home!” - Laurie Hernandez

At only 16-years old, Laurie Hernandez became the youngest athlete to be named to the five-woman squad of the 2016 Olympics. Confidence is the single most important mental factor in sports. Starting kids early in an activity increases their confidence in many different areas of life, including school, friendships and sports.


“I would like to work with kids in any way.” - Madison Kocian

The Olympian Madison Kocain, was accepted into the 2015 freshman class at UCLA, but deferred college for one year so that she could train for the Rio Olympics.

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