8 Reasons your pre-schooler will benefit from gymnastics

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Image: 8 Reasons your pre-schooler will benefit from gymnastics

Your child may be doing cartwheels around the backyard, balancing on rocks or climbing everything in sight. Take these skills from the playground to an environment where your child will grow and learn positive behavior for the rest of their life. In addition to how much fun they will have, here are 8 more reasons your preschooler should do gymnastics:

  1. Discipline. This is a very important aspect of gymnastics. A combination of respecting rules, creating patience and listening skills leads to discipline. Children must also have the self discipline to stay on task when a coach is working with another gymnast. When a child has the basics of discipline, self-discipline will come next which is the ability to self-regulate behavior.
  2. Ambition. Encouraging ambition and drive in early childhood will set the road for their future in school, work and life. Setting lofty goals and believing that you have the capacity to reach them is the core of what it means to ambitious.
  3. Courage. Gymnastics can be, at times, a scary sport. It is when we face something that pushes us out of our comfort zone that we have the opportunity to develop courage. Courage is not only being brave when we fear something but it is also a trait we can call upon when we have to do something that we do not wish to do, like chores or homework, all things that preschooler will be learning to cope with in the not-too-distant future.
  4. Healthy Lifestyle. Encouraging clean eating and physical fitness is a great way to enhance a healthy lifestyle for life. Instead of your child sitting infant of the television, gymnastics promotes moving around, pumping blood around the body and falling in love with a physical activity that is not boring.
  5. Coordination. Three coordinations skills are balance, gross and fine motor skills, these are all learned while in gymnastics.
  6. Social Skills. From partner drills to moving a mat together, gymnastics teaches kids to work together for a common purpose. Encouraging social skills to work as a team, with a partner and coaches.
  7. Overcoming Fears: There are many things a gymnast will do that may be very scary. Things that are out of their comfort zone and trying something new they have never done before. Attainable challenges create growth within fears and will take things they see as impossible to possible.
  8. Flexibility: This is the ability to move the muscles through their full range of motion. Because gymnasts aim to achieve a variety of positions to perform skills on each apparatus, flexibility is important. In everyday life, being flexible helps coordination, promotes circulation, reduces tension and develops body awareness.


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